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Strategic planning

Prescient360 has served multiple clients to develop traditional strategic plans.  In addition, we use our expertise to help launch strategic initiatives from new products to new programs and partnerships.


Organizational resilience

The coronavirus crisis has demonstrated the imperative of organizations having the resiliency and flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing operating environments. Resiliency is based on the ability to identify and implement new business strategies and practices that allow organizations to survive, adapt and grow. Through a wide range of training and development programs, Prescient360 helps companies to self-assess their resiliency capabilities and make improvements in areas of weakness.


Change management

Integrating new strategic initiatives requires organizations to change.  This change can be managed or it can be ignored.  Prescient360 helps institutions to understanding organizational dynamics to proactively manage change.


Policy and feasibility analysis

Prescient360 has been hired to prepare numerous economic, social and environmental studies as part of governments' and other organizations' requirements for background empirical analysis related to developing new policies and strategies. A key characteristic of Prescient360's work in this area is to ensure that reports are written in a manner that is easily understandable by senior decision-makers and other target audiences.


Program and project design

Program and project design remains a critical organizational requirement as businesses and institutions seek to implement new initiatives and adapt to changing environments. Prescient360 has helped numerous organizations in the United States and in emerging market economies to design and implement new projects and programs.




The Prescient360 Group

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